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**Hey how's it going, here's an update on my sad life and what YOU can do about it


Basically my livelihood has been gutted by coronavirus, several tentpole projects I was scheduled to be involved in over the next few months have been cancelled with little to no hope of either being paid or replacing the work, in most cases after I (and the others involved) have done lots of work towards them. Since my next few months are fucked and empty (as of early march 2020) I'm gonna be trying to put lots more out through the avenues below. I've started a Twitch and revived my YouTube and Soundcloud accounts and there's also a button to donate to my Paypal. I don't have a Patreon or anything, all my shit is free, there's no exclusives, I'm gonna carry on making stuff whether or not it makes money or people like it BUT if you're feeling generous you'll find the button to donate to me below as well as a list of organisations that could really really benefit from your community kindness in this fucked time right here:

Donate to frontline Coronavirus relief UK:


Donate to children affected by Coronavirus:


Donate to Trussell Trust food banks:


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